Centering for Wisdom Assessment



What is Centering for Wisdom™?

As a tool for enhanced self-awareness, the CWA results help you to identify how “centering” practices – such as mindfulness, meditation, or contemplative prayer – can facilitate movement toward your center of wisdom.

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Centering for Wisdom is a practice of letting go of distractions while surrendering in to challenging situations in order to access your inner core of wisdom.  “Surrendering in” is like leaning in, but with a minimum amount of effort.  With regular practice of centering you begin to discover that problems begin to resolve effortlessly.  You become aware of greater inner resources to support your creative energy, focus, productivity, and calm presence.

“The type of leadership which creates the least stress also happens to be the type of leadership that is most effective”

– Edwin Friedman, Rabbi & Leadership Coach

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