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Not your typical leadership and orginizational development programs!

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Not your typical leadership and orginizational development programs!


“Today’s knowledge-creating company, we believe, must metamorphose into the wisdom-practicing company of tomorrow.  That demands a new kind of leader.”

Nonaka and Tekeuchi, Harvard Business Review

“…unlike anything our team has experienced previously.”

Brandi, National Marketing Sales Director

The following topics are available as Keynotes, Workshops, or Consultations.

Centering for Wisdom™

This presentation will deepen your leadership effectiveness by enhancing your skills of wise and ethical decision-making for success in personal and professional life.  You will learn how to integrate simple contemplative practices – such as mindfulness, meditation, or contemplative prayer – to help you remain centered for wisdom amid the challenges and distractions of daily life.  Centering for Wisdom™ is a universal human ability.  Persons from any spiritual or religious background, or none, can learn and benefit from this program.  In addition, both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations will find these skills helpful for improving focus, productivity, and alignment.

This program combines humorous and honest personal stories with validated data and research to teach leaders how to lead effectively from their center of wisdom.  You and your team will be challenged to evolve your organization to its next stage by aligning leaders’ self-awareness with corporate mission and purpose.

This practical session is available as a keynote address, breakout session, or workshop.  Organizations can get the greatest benefits by pairing the learnings from this session with individual participants’ feedback from the Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment.  Contact us for group rates on offering the CWA along with your next keynote or employee development workshop.

This program will enable you to:

  • Respond, rather than react, to stress in order to avoid burnout
  • Develop practical ways to remain centered and focused on your highest priorities amid the distractions of daily life
  • Build trusting relationships and teamwork with colleagues and clients by listening with empathy

Root WHY Analysis

You may be familiar with a Root Cause Analysis, or Simon Sinek’s work on the importance of staying centered in the WHY that motivates your products and services, your work, and sense of purpose.  The Root WHY Analysis combines these two ideas to create a whole new way for employees to align personal goals with organizational mission.

The Root WHY Analysis was developed as a follow-up session to help leaders deepen their practice of Centering for Wisdom.™ It can also stand alone as a practical and transformative keynote or workshop.

Businesses and organizations use all kinds of proven tools to build awareness of personality styles – such as DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Strengths Finder – and to improve systems – such as LEAN and Six Sigma CQI, Root Cause Analyses, and others.

In this session you will learn how to perform a “Root WHY Analysis” that will empower employees to make wise and ethical decisions in alignment with personal and corporate mission and values.

This session will enable you to:

  • Discover connections between personal meaning – your Root WHY ­- and organizational purpose
  • Improve focus, efficiency, and decision-making skills
  • Find more purpose and meaning in work and relationships

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