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Focused Visionaries bring a sense of clarity, vision, and purpose to their work and lives. They value objectivity, honesty, and efficiency and are excellent at creating long-term plans and strategies to achieve goals and outcomes. Once they have identified and clarified a vision they will remain steadfast in its pursuit until it is accomplished, regardless of circumstances or challenges.
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Focused Visionary

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Confident Encouragers are aware of their gifts and accomplishments, but they do not need others to shine a spotlight on them in order to feel successful or worthy. Their confidence is internal and intrinsic, and they find their greatest joy in using their gifts to uplift others! They use their strong inner light to illuminate and encourage others to develop their skills and find fulfillment in their work.
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Confident Encourager

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Courageous Explorers bring a sense of boldness and a willingness to try new things to their work and lives. They feel that life is an adventure, and it’s meant to be experienced! Because they value new ideas and experiences, they do not back down from challenges or new opportunities, and they are natural entrepreneurs, healthy risk-takers, and innovators.
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Courageous Explorer

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Selfless Servants are natural caregivers, focused on placing others’ needs before their own, and are often willing to go the extra mile for the good of others. They are naturally humble, and not as focused on external motivations or forms of success. They desire the good of others, and are willing to work behind the scenes or to lead from behind, often enduring pain or hardship for the sake of the greater good.
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Selfless Servant

Discover Your Wisdom Profile™!

Applying Your Quiz Results Will Help You to Eliminate Overwhelm, Heal from Chronic Stress or Trauma, and Lead from Your Center of Wisdom and Purpose

On this page you have two quiz options to choose from…

Discover your most likely Wisdom Profile™ type and how to unlock your Superpowers

The Basic Quiz Reveals…

Just your primary Wisdom Profile type

This 10 question Basic Quiz will help you to determine your main pathway to leading from your Center of Wisdom

Knowing your Primary Type is a good first step. The deeper dive is getting your full profile.

With the Basic Quiz, we’ll share results containing a short list of the superpowers of your type.

Wisdom Superpowers are where each type can most easily lead with wisdom and purpose.

Knowing your Superpowers empowers you to lead from your strengths, so that you can stay centered amid life’s challenges.

NOTE: After exploring your Primary Type based on these 10 questions, the 24 questions of the In-Depth Quiz may give you a different Primary Type result, because the number of questions allows for more fine-tuned accuracy.

You are not just one Wisdom Profile Type. You are a unique mix of all 4 Types. The In-Depth Quiz shows you, in percentages, how much of each of the 4 Types that you are.

PLUS so much more…

And discover your primary Wisdom Profile Type


Get Your Customized Wisdom Profile™ and personalized tips for unlocking your Superpowers and wisely working with your Shadow

Your In-Depth Quiz Results give you…

Your Entire Wisdom Profile!

When you answer these 24 scientifically validated questions, you will receive…

Your most accurate Primary Type Results – Your Primary Wisdom Type shows you where you have the easiest access to leading from your divine Center of Wisdom

The percentage of each Wisdom Profile Type that you are – This shows you how to tap into your heart-wisdom by leaning into the strengths of all 4 Types

Your full Wisdom Profile™ gives you clues for how to stack your leadership approach and habits so you can achieve more while expending less mental, physical, and emotional energy — offering more variety and more ways to have a positive impact on others, your business or organization, your family, and the common good of your community.

Comparing your comprehensive profile with a coach, spiritual director or teacher, spouse or partner, close friend, or a counselor gives you valuable insights to achieve even greater self-knowledge and efficacy in your important leadership, health, and relationship goals.

You’ll also get…

Your Personalized Wisdom Profile Report

This 13-page report is your customized guidebook filled with practical tools designed specifically for your Primary Type and your unique Shadow.

You’ll better understand how to stay centered in Divine Wisdom, guided by your heart’s intuition and your core purpose for your life. All Day, Every day!


Simple Practices that you’ll find inside the report will show you how easy it is to access intuitive heart-wisdom whenever you need it.

We also reveal the 3 simple steps of the Centering for Wisdom process, and how to apply those to your full profile – Unlock your Superpowers and prevent your Shadow from sabotaging your success.

It’s time.
Claim the Wisdom and Ease You Deserve!

And Get Your Primary Type + Your Full Wisdom Profile™

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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

The easiest way to deepen your practice of Centering for Wisdom is to engage with Tom and his teachings is by following his teacher page in the Insight Timer app, where you will find the following resources:

  • Guided Meditations, Interviews, and Talks
  • Weekly Live Events on Insight Timer
  • Join Tom’s Ad-Free Private Group – “Compassionate Change-Makers”
  • Group Meditation Sessions
  • One-to-One Mentoring/Coaching Sessions – view his booking page at Insight Timer.
  • Exclusive Discounts on Live Workshops


Click Here to Follow Tom’s teacher page at Insight Timer.

If you wish to explore individualized coaching work together, workshops or consultation for your organization, please submit a request on the Contact Form.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Centering for Wisdom™ Assessment:

How long does it take to complete?

The full assessment takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

What will I be asked in the survey?
  • The Wisdom Profile™ includes 24 survey questions and 4 demographic questions.
  • Each survey question presents you with a situation that you are likely to encounter in professional or personal life. You are then asked to “rate how accurately each of the following statements describes your experience over the last 14 days.” Your response is recorded on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = Never or almost never; 5 = Always or nearly always).
  • You may feel that some questions bring about a personal or emotional response or are challenging to answer. If you do not wish to continue taking the assessment, you may simply close your browser.
What will I get if I purchase the assessment?
  • After completing the assessment, you will immediately receive an email with a link to your personalized report.
  • The report shows you how to interpret your results so that you can immediately tap into your primary type’s Superpowers, and bring a more centered presence into situations or relationships where you are most likely to become “hooked” or distracted by your Shadow.
Do you offer a corporate discount for small or large groups? I want to use the Wisdom Profile™ for my company, school, or organization.
  • Absolutely! The larger the group, the higher the discount. You can submit a request for group purchases and workshops in the contact form below and we will respond within 24 business hours.
  • Additional discounts apply if you hire an in-person public speaking or workshop event for your group. Please contact us to inquire about public speaking and Wisdom Profile™ combined packages.
Is my payment information secure?
  • Yes, we adhere to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the industry standard for payment information processing security. We also partner with PayPal, a trusted payment processor, offering the highest level of consumer security, protection, and customer service.
Will others be able to view my responses? Can my employer or the owners of the Wisdom Profile™ view my individual responses?
  • No, your answers remain completely anonymous. No personal identifying information is collected in the survey (only for payment purposes, which are processed separately by PayPal).  Only you will be able to view your individualized report and responses, unless you choose to share it with others.
  • We collect aggregate data from survey responses for analysis and research. However, none of the data we collect is associated with any personal identifying information.  Our research protocols have been fully approved by IRB (Institutional Review Board) ethical standards.
  • Because payments are processed separately from the third-party site where the assessment is hosted (at SurveyAnyplace.com), your payment information cannot be linked to your Wisdom Profile™ responses in any way.

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